Revised January 2017

Policy: By the authority granted by the Board of Directors, a Doe Valley Architectural Committee is established. It will consist of not more than nine members. The members shall be appointed by the Board. Their primary duty is to review all submissions for construction, applying the guidelines and standards as set forth by Doe Valley Association, Inc.

It is the policy of the Doe Valley Architectural Committee to establish and preserve a harmonious design for the Doe Valley community and to protect the value of the property. Guidelines contained herein are based on the Doe Valley Property Restrictions. They are presented to assist builders and homeowners make decisions about how to construct or renovate property in Doe Valley.

Applicable to: Any new building or exterior renovation must be approved prior to construction by the Doe Valley Architectural Committee. In most cases a Meade County building permit and approval is also required subsequent to approval by Doe Valley. Also regulated within the scope of the Architectural Committee are landscaping, maintenance, repair, and safety issues related to property, including placing of structures on the property such as sheds and gazebos, above ground pools and fences. ALL CONSTRUCTION MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL FROM DOE VALLEY PRIOR TO BUILDING.


  1. Obtain a Doe Valley building permit request, fill out all requested information and attach all requested items, including checks, and return it to the Doe Valley office. Specific requirements for each application are listed on the building permit request form.

  2. The Doe Valley Architectural Committee (DVAC) meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month (unless a holiday intervenes) at 5 p.m. at the Doe Valley office. They will review the building permit requests within 15 days of receipt and approval/disapprove/ask for more information/request revision. (Submissions must be received at least 20 days prior to the intended start of construction.)

  3. The General Manager will contact the person requesting the permit and discuss the decision if unfavorable. If favorable, the paperwork will be available for pickup at the office the day following the day of the DVAC meeting.

  4. If the decision is unfavorable, the requestor has the right to discuss the issue with the full Committee at their next scheduled meeting. If the requestor still is not satisfied, they may discuss the issue with the Doe Valley Board of Directors.

  5. If the decision is favorable, the requestor then goes to the Meade County Planning and Zoning (MCPZ) office located in the Meade County Courthouse on Fairway Drive to obtain a Meade County building permit after paying the applicable fees. Doe Valley will fax information to MCPZ verifying approval of the request by Doe Valley.

  6. The requestors will then go to the Doe Valley office and obtain their Doe Valley building permit upon presentation of the Meade County building permit.

  7. Begin construction.

Reporting and statistical summaries:

    • The Architectural Committee will develop and maintain a spreadsheet containing the following information: Building permit number, owner name, builder name, section and lot number, type of construction, plan approval status (yes/no/with changes), square footage, date the Doe Valley permit was given, whether a Meade County permit was obtained, date of the Doe Valley utility permit, start date, completion date, name of Architectural Committee construction monitor, refund request date and amount. This will be reviewed by the Board on a monthly basis.

Fees: (Note: separate checks MUST be written for each fee for accountability). The building permit fee goes to the Doe Valley general fund and the road damage fee to the road fund. The water connect fee goes to the Doe Valley water escrow account and the sewer connect fee goes to the Doe Valley sewer escrow account. The completion deposit goes to a trust fund specifically for that purpose, and interest earned will be refunded as well as the original deposit.

New construction:

Building Permit Fee (nonrefundable):$1,000

Water Connect Fee (nonrefundable): $1,200

Sewer Connect Fee (nonrefundable): $1,000

Road Damage Fee (nonrefundable): $1,000

Completion Deposit (refundable after driveway is completed and Doe Valley or equivalent news box placed): $1,000

Late fee for construction uncompleted (exterior) in seven months (nonrefundable): (to be determined by the General Manager), not to exceed $200 a month.

Garage addition (detached or attached) and house addition:

Building Permit Fee (nonrefundable):$250

Road Damage Fee (nonrefundable): $100

Completion Deposit (refundable after driveway is completed and Doe Valley or equivalent news box placed): $250

Late fee for construction uncompleted (exterior) in seven months (nonrefundable): (to be determined by the General Manager) not to exceed $200 a month.

Shed/Gazebo/Deck/Above-ground pool:

Road Damage Fee (nonrefundable): $25

Gravel Driveway/gravel trail to lake: $50.00

Driveways, Paving a road to lake:

Road Damage Fee: $100

Major reconstruction: Major reconstruction projects, such as adding an additional floor or rebuilding after a disaster, will incur fees which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis but normally:

Permit Fee $250

Road Damage Fee $100


Minor reconstruction: Minor changes or upgrades to an existing house without additions or changes in the footprint of the construction will not incur fees.

Building inspections required: Contact the Meade County Planning Office, 422-4676, 24-hours in advance. All inspections must be requested and made with the planning office and not the inspector. Inspections are made at the following times: footers and foundation, framing, and final inspections/certificate of occupancy (plumbing and electrical). Consult the Meade County Planning Office for fee schedule and particulars.

Items required in addition to checks for fees with building permit:

New construction:

  • Two sets of blueprints for the structure (one will be returned immediately), including square footage of structure and four elevations, front, back and both sides.

  • One plot plan showing the location of the structure, driveway, easements, and set-backs.

  • Type of exterior materials and surfacing material for driveway.

  • Grading plan.

Garage addition:

  • One set of blueprints for the structure, including square footage.

  • One plot plan showing the location of the structure, driveway, easements, and set-backs.

  • Grading plan.

Addition/Shed/Gazebo/Deck/Above ground pool/major & minor reconstruction:

  • One set of blueprints/drawings/brochure for the structure, including square footage.

  • One plot plan showing the location of the structure, driveway, easements, and set-backs.

  • Grading plan (if applicable) Doe Valley is in the R-1 Meade County zoning district. Only stick-built single family residences are permitted unless a variance is granted by the county after recommendation by the Doe Valley Architectural Committee and approval by the Doe Valley Board of Directors.

Applicable Property restrictions:

In order to preserve the natural beauty and aesthetic quality of the existing geographic areas within Doe Valley Subdivision, no vegetation can be removed or cut from the property without approval from the Office. All construction must conform to an architectural theme which shall require all dwellings, whether designed for leisure living, retirement, recreation or permanent homes shall be compatible to the natural surroundings and general aesthetic appearance of the project. No building, structures, additions or alterations shall be erected upon the premises unless or until the size, location, uses, materials, and grading plan of the lot have been approved in writing by Doe Valley Association, Inc.(DVAI) The true copy of the plans, specification and details of plans must be filed at the Doe Valley office.

Lots cannot be subdivided for the purpose of building a residence. Boat houses may be erected prior to a house on a waterfront lot. No building, tents or trailers may be used for temporary housing on a residential lot. The exteriors of all buildings must be completed within six (6) months from the date construction commences. Extensions will be considered on a case by case basis. Open pier foundation type construction is only permitted with prior permission and written plan approval by DVA.

Minimum residence space will be no less than 1,500 square feet above ground level. Set back guidelines: 25 feet from the front property lines; 10 feet from the side; 50 feet horizontally from the normal water line of the lake; 15 feet from sewer mains. Homeowners must be aware of the fact that any landscaping or structure, including mailboxes, which are placed on the right of way, may be removed at any time by management if required for safety or infrastructure maintenance. Replacement of said items will be at the owners expense.

No waste shall be permitted to enter the lake. All sanitary arrangements must comply with specification and regulations of Doe Valley Association and local and/or State Health officers. All buildings having plumbing facilities shall be required to connect to central water and sewer systems. No house shall be occupied until connection is made to water and sewer.

Doe Valley Association reserves a perpetual easement of ten (10) feet in width along the side and rear lines and 25 feet in perpetual easement on the front property line of each and every lot, with the right of ingress and egress thereon, for the purpose of installing, operating, maintaining and servicing all types of utilities, sewers and drainage ditches and appurtenances, together with the right to trim, cut or remove any trees or brush necessary for the above purposes. In the case of sewers, the exact location of the sewer easement shall be as shown on the engineer’s “as built” record plan and may be located on each lot at such a location as sound engineering practices dictate in order to serve the lot in question and other lots in the subdivision. When an owner of two or more lots consolidates a lot it shall not be subject to the aforementioned side line ten (10) foot easement along the line common to both lots. The owners of the lots in the subdivision shall have no cause of action against DVA either at law or in equity, by reason of any damage caused to lots in the installation, operation or maintenance of the above mentioned utilities except in the case of gross negligence on the part of the contractor or builder.


Doe Valley Assoc. Inc. and its successor(s)/assignees grants to each respective waterfront lot owner as an appurtenance, the right-of-way across the land, from the lot to lake for the purpose of permitting the purchaser access to the lake reservoir for recreational purposes, erecting of docks (after approval by the Office and fees paid) and other structures on the land consistent with use of lake for recreational purposes. Waterfront lots are described on plat maps located in the Administrative Office and are identified by dashed lines extending from the side boundary lines to the water’s edge. Lots that border the lake not so designated may apply to the Office for permission to build a dock and if approved, may then submit a building permit to the Office. All other interior lots are prohibited from building docks in the common areas. Docks already erected in said common areas may remain but if removed, rebuilding will not be allowed. Condominiums, patio homes or any another other multi-family dwellings that have approved dock space on the lake, shall restrict the number of approved docks to the number of residences in the dwellings. All docks are to be maintained in good state of repair and appearance. Failure to maintain docks constitute the possibility of removal by the Association at the owner’s expense. Efforts will be made to contact the owner of said docks to encourage repair and adequate time will be given before the removal process begins.

Nothing herein shall be construed as granting to the lot owner any riparian rights in the lake or the waters thereof. Construction of structures on the land shall be approved and limited by Doe Valley Assoc. Inc. and its successor(s)/assignees. Limited community-use areas, adjacent to waterfront lots as noted on record plat, are restricted to pedestrian easement and no community fishing or water activities from or within this area is allowed. .


No living tree eight inches or more in diameter may be cut without prior permission of Doe Valley Association. During construction, trees should only be cleared 15 feet beyond the footprint of the house. No clearing beyond your property lines without prior permission from the Office..

Other restrictions::

  • The exterior of the building must be completed within seven months from the date construction begins or a late fine will be levied. Extensions can be applied for.

  • No particle board or Masonite siding allowed.

  • All block foundations must be split-faced/decorative block or covered with approved materials.

  • Garages must conform to the color and architectural style of the residence and may be attached or unattached to the main house.

  • A corrected plat must be filed when lots are combined.

  • All driveways must be hard-surfaced (i.e., concrete, brick, pavers or asphalt). Driveways must be completed within 24 months from issuance of the Doe Valley building permit or the builder forfeits the clean up deposit. Homeowners must be aware of the fact that any landscaping or structure, including mailboxes, which are placed on the easement may be removed at any time by DVA if required for safety or infrastructure maintenance.

  • Provision should be made on the building lot and off of DV subdivision roads’ right-of-ways for parking all conventional passenger vehicles in regular use by the members.

  • No barrier, fence or other structure, except mail/news boxes, shall be constructed on the easements.

  • Propane tanks must be concealed from view.

  • The landowner may not excavate on his/her land in such a manner as to cause an adjoining property owners land to subside, collapse, retain water or alter the natural flow of water so it flows or backs up onto the adjacent property.

  • Containment fences should not exceed six feet in height, must be placed a minimum of one foot inside the property line, and cannot extend beyond the front of the house or onto any right of way.

  • Rigid, non-breakaway mailboxes must be located a minimum of three feet from the edge of the roadway.

  • All homes must have a Doe Valley news box or equivalent and reflective address signage.

  • Multi-family residences (four or more homes on the same footprint) must have a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) #13 residential sprinkler system installed.


  • Fences are not allowed on the right of way (per county regulations) and. They cannot extend past the front façade of the home; preferably about 1/3 back from the front corner.

  • Swimming pools must be secured with a fence or with a mechanism that prohibits children from accessing the pool without permission. (Discuss with your insurance agent.)

  • Boat docks: must be properly built and securely attached to the shore. Cables, when used, must be positioned no more than 30 degrees out from the end of the dock. No steel floatation containers are allowed. All dock plans must be approved before construction.

  • Only one storage outbuilding per property.

Parking/storage/repair issues

  • Parking by visitors to a residence should be such that the roadway is not impeded to traffic.

  • Parking is not allowed within 15 feet of an intersection or a fire hydrant.

  • No more than two additional vehicles such as commercial vehicles, recreational motor homes, travel trailers, boats, boat trailers (a boat on a boat trailer is considered one vehicle for purposes of this section), utility trailers that will be parked permanently or seasonally on a residential lot. When parking any of the above on a residential lot, they will be parked on a hard-surfaced material pad not located on a property easement. The vehicle must be in working condition and display current registration. Parking is prohibited on any lot without a residence.

  • Long term storage of any vehicles must be in the long term storage area by the Doe Valley office.

  • RV long term camping parking is available at the campground

  • No recurring trading or sale activities.

  • No repair or reconditioning of any vehicle, boat or trailer lasting longer than 1week unless coordinated with the Office..

Doe Valley Building Guidelines

Pertaining to Builders

  • Prior to any digging or excavation begins the owner/builder MUST make contact with the Doe Valley office regarding Doe Valley utilities. The owner/builder then must call 811 (before you dig) to ensure all outside utilities are marked. Failure to do so can result in a fine is damage is done by said digging..

  • All stumps must be removed from site; stumps may not be placed on the Doe Valley burn pile or property in general.

  • Single axle trucks no heavier than six tons

  • Double axle truck no heavier than ten tons

  • All gravel trucks must have a tarp covering the gravel.

  • No track vehicles on roadways

  • Must have port-o-let on site

  • Must have garbage can on site for small waste; a 55-gallon open drum container is permissible for such items as cold drink cans, trash and other disposable items.

  • No burning on building site. All brush and scrap building material should be promptly removed from the building site. Brush may be placed on the Doe Valley burn pile. No construction debris of any kind is to be placed in the burn pile. Concrete, block, bricks, rock etc. can be dumped at Benham Curve; call Security (270-422-3936) to open the dump area.

  • Discharge from concrete trucks must be on building site in driveway area, NOT on nearby lots or ditches.

  • No encroachment of any kind on adjoining property including piling of brush, access by equipment, storage of materials and/or trash is allowed.

  • Access to the lot must be provided by the builder/owner on the approved driveway location as shown on the plot plan, including the culvert installation. This access work shall be the first item of construction accomplished on the job.

  • No access across open ditches or adjacent property. Especially prohibited is the offloading of equipment across open ditches.

  • No offloading of large equipment or heavy loads on roads. It must be offloaded on the lot.

  • All construction activity must be carried on within the boundary of the lot for which the building permit is issued. No work shall be carried on in the street adjacent to the lot. Debris left on the roadway (mud, clods, branches, wood etc. from construction is to be cleaned each day by the workers on that site.

  • If the builder/property owner anticipates a late building completion date beyond seven months, the builder/property owner must discuss the issue with the General Manager. The reason for the delay must be given and any actions the builder/owner will take to mitigate the late completion. The late fee may be waived with Board approval upon recommendation of the General Manager/Architectural Committee.

Fees and paperwork required: (Note: separate checks MUST be written for each fee for accountability). The building permit fee goes to the Doe Valley general fund, as does the road damage fee. The water connect

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