LAND FOR SALE: Not only do we have lots for sale, we are offering the peninsula opposite the Estates Marina and east of the S&T Club for sale.  This new section is named Cedar Pt. Estates.  It consists of just over 11 acres with a possibility of about 14 lakefront lots.   Improvements are underway; the surveying is complete; the engineering plans for the utilities have been approved by the State and the plat is now officially recorded.  Come by the Office to view the official plats.

The Board has voted to keep the zoning in R-1 (single family homes).  Other improvements coming, include water, sewer (already there except for about 400 ft.) and a road (already cleared for you to see the lots).  These will probably not be completed until early spring. 

If you are a builder/contractor or an investor, the Board will consider offers for the whole section before development is complete.  If you want to bid on a proposed platted lot, we are accepting bids on those as well.   When the highest bid reaches an amount the Board will take, that bidder will be given his/her choice of lots first.  Then a down payment will be accepted and the remainder will be due when all improvements to the area are complete; probably sometime in the early spring next year.  The remaining bidders will be given the opportunity to up their bids and continue top to bottom for the next lot and so on.  Offers can be made through the Office now.  Call me during normal business hours or tell the ladies your offer, name and phone #.  There could also be an auction in the springtime to facilitate sales.

SPEEDING:    There is a lot of chatter on FB about stop signs on the parkway, speed bumps, a new gate etc.  There will be no stop signs on the Pkwy. or speed bumps.  The main problem is that some people are driving too fast.  What’s the answer?  Mainly if there is no enforcement, any number of devices are not going to prevent you from speeding if they are ignored.  The only thing that will is if your wallet is affected and that means law enforcement issuing tickets.  One thing AGAIN to mention is the 4-way stop.  My goodness; I’ve never seen such a disregard at an intersection.  It doesn’t matter if it’s full or empty; many just ignore it anyway.  Please, at least attempt a stop before proceeding; are you really in that big of a hurry?

Until the Sherriff’s office runs radar out here and we see how that goes, the only change will be a reduction in the speed limit to 25 mph between the back gate and the water tower at Wild Flower Ridge.  This curvy section is dangerous and pedestrians in those areas are concerned for their safety; not to mention cars always over the yellow line.

COLD WEATHER:  Anyone in need of help or medical attention, please call 911 and Security.  Calling us alerts us to your need and we can assist getting the help to you.  Also, anyone can get on the list to be checked on during bad weather; call Security to add your name.