We were so sorry to hear about Jinx and Jerry Furlough’s house in the Estates being totally destroyed by fire.  Thankfully the Furloughs were in Florida and not at home.  Their home was built in the early 70’s and held memories for several families throughout the years.


GENERAL MANAGER POSITION:  The Association will begin accepting applications/resumes on March 1st for General Manager of Doe Valley.  The position will be filled the first part of June.


LAND FOR SALE: Not only do we have established lots for sale, we are offering the peninsula opposite the Estates Marina and east of the S&T Club for sale.  This new section is named Cedar Pt. Estates.  It consists of just over 11 acres with 16 lakefront lots and 5 interior lots.  Come by the Office to view the official plats.

The Board has voted to keep the zoning in R-1 (single family homes).  Other improvements coming, include water, sewer (already there except for about 400 ft.) and a road (already cleared for you to see the lots).  These improvement’s will probably not be completed until early spring. 

If you are a builder/contractor or an investor, the Board will consider offers for the whole section before development is complete.  If you want to bid on a proposed platted lot, we are accepting bids on those as well.   When the highest bid reaches an amount the Board will take, that bidder will be given his/her choice of lots first.  Then a 10% down payment will be accepted and the remainder will be due when all improvements to the area are complete; probably sometime in the early spring next year.  The remaining bidders will be given the opportunity to up their bids and continue top to bottom for the next lot and so on.  Offers can be made through the Office now.  Call me during normal business hours or tell the ladies your offer, name and phone #.  There could also be an auction in the springtime to facilitate sales.


PETS:  COLD WEATHER With the brutal cold we’ve had, please don’t let your animals stay outside if at all possible.  If so, please ensure they have a shelter with food and unfrozen water (hard to do unless you check on it frequently) and some type of bedding to stay warm; thank you.


FISHING:  Let me correct last month’s comments on fishing at the head waters of the lake.  The land south of the Parkway as it goes over the creek, was sold back in the summer.  As a result, there is no fishing or trespassing allowed south of the parkway.  So if you’re in this area, look for no trespassing signs and remember; no fishing.  My advice is to just stay on the north of the Parkway.


COLD WEATHER:  Anyone in need of help or medical attention, please call 911 and Security.  Calling us alerts us to your need and we can assist getting the help to you.  Also, anyone can get on the list to be checked on during bad weather; call Security to add you name.  Let your water drip/run a little during these bitter cold spells to hopefully avoid freezing.  


PROPERTY RESTRICTIONS VOTING: The Board has made revisions to the property restrictions that need to be voted on by the membership.  The main purpose was to add Cedar Pt. Estates to the restrictions but there were  also some grammatical errors corrected as well as some deletions and a couple of additions.  I suggest opening the old restrictions on the website and compare them with the new ones.  I’ve listed the main changes below:

Paragraph 1-3 only grammatical changes and adding Cedar Pt. to the list of sections #4.  Added the word “can” be subdivided.  This change allows combined lots to be subdivided so owners can sell to a new person for building or amenity privileges and then DV can once again receive revenue for the lot.  

#5.  Added “mailboxes shall be at least 2’ off the roadway”.  Currently, we have several in the community that were placed very close to the roadway and this makes it very unnerving when meeting another car; you feel like your mirrors are going to get ripped off.  This is especially true of some bricked mailboxes.

#10. Is deleted; we already require section markings and the state requires registration.

#14. Is deleted; unenforceable, not feasible. 

The voting ballots will be mailed in February around the time of your February statement.  The ballots need to be returned by COB on April 6, 2018.  A voting committee will count the votes the 2nd week of April and the results will be announced in the May Newsletter mailing around the 27th of April.  If approved by a 66 2/3% of the vote, the restrictions will be recorded at the courthouse.