The Doe Valley staff would like to extend our condolences to the Sedlacek’s on the passing of Don; he was a personal friend who loved Doe Valley and golfing.  Don and Lottie have lived on Long Needle for many years.  Condolences also to the Mitchell’s on the passing of John.  John and Susan are relatively new members to Doe Valley and have lived on Fairway in the Greens for just about a year. 

 1.  WWTP:  The old (plants) are gone!  The area looks great and this project is basically behind us after the entrance is dressed up.

2.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Stuart Pepper and Terry Mattingly won the election and will serve 3 more years; congratulations to them both.  I thank Harry Nelson for participating in the vote and encourage him in the future. 






3.  POOL: The only floats allowed in the pool will be small infant floats.  The large ones cannot be allowed because of the possible drowning danger with the mixture of adults and kids.  Children can become trapped under the floats.  In addition, there is only so much space in the pool to accommodate the different uses; swimming, diving, exercising etc.  Please do not give the guards a hard time about this.  Thank you for your understanding.

4.  LG&E:  I’m starting a list of residents who would be interested in hooking up to natural gas.  This can only happen if just about everyone in your neighborhood will agree to it.  When it will happen I can’t say; it may be a year or 5 years but it will only happen if we can show LG&E that enough potential customers want it; They are certainly willing to give it to us.

5.  RULES & REGS:  I am proposing to the Board the following change to the rules and regs concerning “immediate family”.  The old rule was: 

(OLD) “Immediate family” shall mean the member’s spouse and their unmarried children or any permanent resident who are living in their home. Married children are not deemed to be a part of the immediate family, but unmarried children attending school away from home, up to the age of 25 years, are deemed a part of the immediate family. Exceptions to this will be considered on an individual basis by the Association.   

There has been arguments at the pool about a son or daughter being 26; they can be on the parents health care but not be considered members.  The life guards take enough grief; I’m tired of arguing about it.

(NEW) “Immediate family” shall mean the member’s spouse and their unmarried children up to the age of 26.  Any other relatives/blended families living in the members  home are not deemed to be a part of the immediate family unless the member is financially responsible for them; in other words, they are their dependents.    Exceptions to this may be considered on an individual basis by the Association.