1.  GATES:  There are still members sneaking people in the gates.  You all want more security and yet, you’re willing to side step the rules and try to beat the system when it inconveniences you.  For everyone’s information, we have you on camera and a record of your gate pass in the computer log.  Up until now, we’ve called and asked you to please stop doing this.  It encourages the younger drivers to do the same with their friends.  If the behavior continues, starting September 1st, I will have your gate passes shut off as a consequence of this action.  Tell your teenagers too; they may cause you to lose your access.    

2.  POOL: The only floats allowed in the pool will be small infant floats.  The large ones cannot be allowed because of the possible drowning danger with the mixture of adults and kids.  Children can become trapped under the floats.  In addition, there is only so much space in the pool to accommodate the different uses; swimming, diving, exercising etc.  Please do not give the guards a hard time about this.  Thank you for your understanding.  Water Aerobics is still in full swing and we will have our FINAL WEEK of Day Camp the first week in August.

3.  LG&E:  I have a list ongoing of residents who would be interested in hooking up to natural gas.  This can only happen if just about everyone in your neighborhood will agree to it.  When it will happen I can’t say; it may be a year or 5 years but it will only happen if we can show LG&E that enough potential customers want it; they are certainly willing to give it to us as of this writing.

4.  LAND FOR SALE: Just to let you all know, not only do we have lots for sale, we are now offering the peninsula opposite the Estates Marina and east of the S&T Club for sale.  It consists of just over 11 acres with a possibility of about 14 lakefront lots.   Improvements are underway beginning with surveying and engineering plans for utilities which is the first step in the process.  The Board has voted to keep the zoning in R-1 (single family homes).  Other improvements coming include water, sewer (already there except for about 400 ft.) and a road.  These will probably not be completed until winter because of required State approval before work can begin.  If you are a builder/contractor or an investor, the Board will consider offers for the whole section before development is complete.  Offers can be made through the Office now.  Call me during normal business hours or tell the ladies your offer, name and phone #.  If the entire section is not sold after the improvements are complete, then we will be offering platted lots for sale.  These plats will be available for viewing in the Office in the late fall if not sooner.  An auction could also be planned for the springtime to facilitate sales.

5.  S&T CLUBThe new Manager at the Club is Shawn Morris.  Let’s welcome her on your next visit.  We all look forward to what she can accomplish as manager and wish her only the best.

6. FEEDING THE WILD ANIMALS: Please stop this!!  We are overpopulated as it is and feeding these wild animals causes more harm for the animals, such as sickness and increased aggressive behavior.  Because wild animals cannot digest human food very well, feeding them scraps could cause sickness to them.  Also, these animals could get comfortable around humans and could become a nuisance or even a safety risk.  Educate yourself as to why it is harmful to feed wild animals.  Keep in mind, too, that wild animals carry diseases, so please stop feeding the deer, raccoons, squirrels, and all of the other wild animals in Doe Valley.

7.  MARINAThe new Marina Manager is Roger Kearton.  Roger currently is working as our all-around mechanic and maintenance man.  He has agreed to take on the Marina working there, the golf course and maintenance as needed.  We have a good crew at the Marina with Cheryl and Brad doing a great job for us.  Roger’s oversite and mechanical abilities will be a great asset to DV because of the large number of boats we now have.  If you need repairs call down and get on the list; Roger will be in touch with you.  We also have a couple of other gentlemen that assist voluntarily as well so service should improve greatly. 

As a side note; if you use your boat a lot, I’d suggest filling your tank in August because our system may be down for repairs sometime in September.  More details will come later.