DVA Facts

Doe Valley Pkwy West

Brandenburg, KY 40108

(270) 422-2188


Doe Valley Association, Inc. (DVA): A private company that is owned by Doe Valley subdivision property owners. Doe Valley residents, collectively, own the Doe Valley Lake and water therein, the golf course and the 19th Hole/Pro Shop building. The undeveloped land on the western side of the lake, and 342 additional individual lots, are owned by Doe Valley Real Estate Group, a private investor. Individual property owners and other developers own the remainder of the 1,990 lots. The DVA owns and operates the Swim & Tennis Club, beaches, marina, campground, tennis courts, roads, small parks, East Beach Pavilion, Guard House, Admin Office, sewer plant, water towers and numerous maintenance buildings. Votes are counted per lot owned.

Doe Valley Estates Association (DVE): This association was formed to ensure building requirements are met for the Estates section, beautification is maintained and they work with the DVA on mutual interests; Many of the Estates property owners also pay dues and are members of the DVA. Roads in the Estates section are public roads and maintained by the county. Votes are counted per lot owned.

For a list of important phone numbers and points of contact see the CONTACT page

This information has been approved and is provided by the Doe Valley Association Board of Directors to all property owners. For more information, contact the office at 270-422-2188