Good Stuff


Thanks to all who made donations to help sponsor our family in need this year. Your donation might have been toys, clothing, non perishable foods or monetary – they were all greatly needed and appreciated. Your donation helped the family get over a large “bump” in life and they greatly appreciated it. We also thank Brandenburg Pharmacy Care for arranging to receive donations for prescription drugs – they collected $85.00 to date. Our very generous “afghan lady” Ginny crocheted hats, scarves and afghans for all the kids and parents.”" Thanks to Doe Valley Homemakers who provided money to purchase food gift certificates. With all of Doe Valley”s help, we furnished them with gift certificates for food, presents, clothing and shoes for all five children and we paid a large water bill (they had a water line leak on their property over Thanksgiving). The father and sons were able to do all the “fixing” of that leak. By paying that water bill, providing lots of non perishable foods and toiletries to last throughout the year and gift certificates for food, they will probably be able to get their car fixed – it was “hit by a deer” on Thanksgiving Day. I hope everyone felt as good about helping this family so much as I do!!

Thank you, Karen Hofmann, Fishing & Boating Club Secretary