Town Hall

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Town Hall Meeting May 14, 2013

Power Point Slide Show from Town Hall


1.  Security services are uncertain and needs to be evaluated.  What role will they play going forward; payroll is too high for what they do.  Many like the services provided, others do not; most just don’t know what they do.


2.  Research how to expand revenue in other areas of DV instead of dues.


3.  Investigate incorporation procedures, pros and cons.


4.  Build more storage units and areas for added income.


5.  What will be reduced or done away with if no dues increase occurs?


6.  Notify members about dues increase in a timely manner, some think they should be able to vote yes or no.


7.  Combining lots needs to be discussed and determine the best way to handle this matter so revenue can continue in some capacity for the betterment of DV.

Stop shooting ourselves in the foot in regards to this issue.


8.  Close the Club and other amenities to avoid an increase.


9.  The increase proposed is inconsequential and people should just stop whining about it.  DV pays much less for what we have compared to other HOA’s across the country.


10. The numbers need to be nailed down and not jumping all over the place if we are trying to make an argument for an increase.


11. Investigate sewer problems mentioned in regards to lake water.


12. Use funds set aside in other areas to cure the woes of shortfalls in dues.


13. Raise fees on services provided like campground, marina, etc.


14. Encourage builders through some type of incentive programs.


15. External auditing


16. 5-10 plan updates


17. Get the investors somehow; they shouldn’t be able to get away with this.


18. Hit the credit rating of members that are delinquent.


19. Program openers to bring in revenue.  (RFID will take care of this).

Speaking of, when do you want to move forward with the installation?  Because of the new cards and stickers just being issued, I’d recommend after the summer push and pool closing.  It slows down after that time so we can evaluate the process without having all the problems of summer congestion interfering.